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Garden Ornaments

Left - the owner of the Hawaiian Garden garden likes Polynesian art and nautical themes which blended well with our decking designs and planting.
Right - a small Easter Island head with Miscanthus grass making a head of hair.

Left - this Tiki statue in the Hawaiian Garden looks fierce but brings health and prosperity in Polynesian culture where these figures originally were used in temples and were the embodiments of gods from their mythology. The 'A' frame traditional building was designed and painted by our client Lloyd Johnson.

Right - there was a long functional looking shed at the back of the garden which was clad in palm leaves and woven rattan panels. The verandah had heavy nautical looking posts built onto the front of it which were draped in nets.

Left - fishing was an important part of Polynesian culture and was evoked by these nets and some floats.

Right - telegraph poles and maritime rope make a stylish contribution to this deck as well as making a barrier to the deep pond beyond, instead of choosing a purely functional way of making a balustrade.

Left - a peaceful and tranquil Buddah figure fits well here at the base of a palm in the Three Crescent Garden.

Right - as a complete contrast this fierce looking figure is from Balinese culture and would introduce a more lively character to this setting. Many figurines in this style are now available in the UK.

Left and right - the placement of ornamentation can be as important as the quality of individual peices. Here in the English Town Garden we re - used our clients items to frame views and make features at the end of vistas.

This tribal/aboriginal style mural in the Modern Family Garden decorated a concrete wall capping that was in the foreground of the main view into the garden from the house; an unsightly material in a hard functional shape.

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