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Roof Terrace Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen shown here, complete with stove and seating area, provides ample room to socialise and entertain guests.  A gas powered barbeque is set into the hardwood work top, its gas bottle and cooking items are stored in the cupboards below.

Above we see can an image illustrating the same outdoor kitchen from above. The whole area has been sunk into a recess, offering our clients a secluded area in which to entertain.

This outdoor kitchen was built into a small suburban garden plot. Cooking outdoors has never been so convenient with this built in BBQ worktop complete with cupboards and a sheltered seating area. See the image below for a technical drawing of the cooking area!

Existing utensils and appliances often have to be modified in order to ‘fit’ with the garden design. From the illustration above you can see that this outdoor cooker has been clad with slate in order for it to cohere. We are needed to perform duties such as this in order create a garden space that appears succinct to the observer.



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