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Garden Furniture

Curving Seats

With the inclusion of a simple bench or seat a garden can gain a new perspective. They serve to offer alternative views and help frame the space around them. At RGC we often are called upon to make tables, chairs and benches in order to complete the design process. If you have any queries regarding outdoor furniture then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The pair of curved benches in the image above are ideally situated within a patio made from Indian sandstone. They offer our client the perfect place to entertain and socialise whilst enjoying the tremendous views offered by the garden itself.

Integral Seating

This is the final destination at the back of the garden. You can hear it before you see it and although you can see glimpses of the deck and bench, it is only after walking around the 's' bend of the path, through the arch that you first see the pond.

Left - The arches under this bench in The Hot Wall Garden accomodate shoes, folded clothes and cooled bottles of wine or champagne that need to be kept out of the sun. We try to introduce different styles and decorative details into all parts of the garden, inlcuding furniture like the Moroccan or Moorish arches under the seat, which contribute to the appearance of the garden rather than using straight functional leg supports.
Right - The shape, size and position of this seat in the Bush House Garden is designed so that it is an integral part of the deck and the design of the whole garden. It is the same length as the whole side of the deck and so maximises the seating potential there. Its shape is curved to match the end of the deck so that people sitting on it are facing slightly inwards, giving an intimate feel and atmosphere to socialising here.

These benches situated inside a Thai-style pavilion offer the perfect retreat in a secluded area of this garden, offering splendid views of the surrounding area. More images of this garden may be found at A Thai Pavilion in the Tropic of Henstead.

The seating area here is within close range of numerous amenities, an outdoor cooker and even an outdoor storage space are practically within arm’s reach. We were able to pack a whole lot into this garden and our client can now enjoy a wide of range leisurely pursuits. For more pictures of this garden please see our Modern Gazebo Terrace webpage.


Above we can see an example of a workbench that has been fitted inside a summerhouse that is currently in use as an artist’s studio. The whole building is decorated traditionally with oak and pine, lending to a rustic atmosphere.

In the images below this deck and bench are used for socialising and changing around a hot tub. Our clients in The Hot walled Garden use it whilst changing or drying off. Clothes are left on the bench while they enjoy the water. The richly coloured Sapele hardwood used is often seen on Moroccan or Asian furniture and gives a softer and warmer surface than stone for bare foot walking and sitting on.

Timber decking Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk

Top and below left - we curved all aspects of this roof terrace around one circle to soften the small size and square shape of this roof in the Steep Terraced Garden. The curving worktop provides space around the gas barbeque which is set into the hardwood. The cupboard doors below - also curving, allow for storage of the gas bottle and cooking equipment beneath.
Right all - by creating seating all around the edge of the terrace it can sit 12 people before even placing table in the centre of the deck.

Freestanding Seats

Below - A detail of a sturdy design, frequently used in our gardens. We are always happy to construct something completely new for our clients too!

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