About the Real Garden Company

Garden design in SuffolkZen garden in NorfolkThe Real Garden Company has been designing and building gardens since 1985. During that time we have worked on small town gardens , courtyards only 6m (20') sq. and 5 acre country gardens.

Our service is based on good design, no matter what style. We are then able to build the design using a range of tradesmen and nurserymen and women that we have worked with for 20 years. Our years of experience and large portfolio of completed works allows us to take on all types of construction with confidence. We have clients that we have remained in touch with for over 10 years, following the progress of their gardens as they mature, some with ongoing business relationships developing and overseeing the maintenance of their gardens. We even have serial clients for whom we have built a second or third garden.

We have experience of working with private clients and businesses such as architects and property developers. Many of our projects have involved difficult access through client's homes, and in terraced streets where neighbours and street environments need to be managed with care and diplomacy. We pride ourselves on being sensitive to our clients' needs, their homes, family and neighbours, making our construction work as discreet and tidy as possible.

We think that our approach is different to other garden designers and landscapers because of our 8 founding principles:

  1. We use architectural design principles, not popular 'garden design course' or makeover t.v styles.
  2. Our passion for plants gives us an in depth knowledge of them based on years of hands on experience and working relationships with specialist nurseries and respected horticultural experts.
  3. We pride ourselves on working closely with all trades involved in garden construction so that we understand them enough to know a good quality job when we see it.
  4. We know that it is important to have good relationships with all our suppliers so that we can be sure of building your garden using high quality timber, stone, metal, pond materials and equipment.
  5. Our quality of design and construction, in any cultural or ethnic style will be of the highest standard.
  6. We believe that a garden should look good for 365 days of the year, not just 5 months. We use a high percentage of evergreen plants that form the backbone of plant compositions. We also use very colourful and scented flowering plants amongst them, alongside vegetable and fruit if required.
  7. Its important to us that your garden will relate to you personally, reflecting your taste, personality and practical needs.
  8. We are happy to collaborate with you in the design, involving you in decisions and giving you choices in the content of the design. We always take time to understand your likes and dislikes, expectations of the garden and the process of building it.